Meet the Chef

Narda Jones

Narda Jones loves to cook.  Her passion stems from wanting to learn about other cultures, both past and present.  The best way to learn about people is thru food.  As a child, Narda worked on a local vegetable farm learning how to grow and pick vegetables.  For 25 years, she developed food and beverage packages in the plastics industry using her chemical engineering and MBA degrees.  Looking for a “fun” second career, she went to culinary school and has been an inquisitive chef wanting to improve foods ever since, just like a mad scientist creating a new product.  She is always looking for good recipes, old and new; always looking for new things to try.  So if you have a recipe that you would like to share, bring it to her.  Who knows, it might end up on the menu at North Main Annex Gourmet Catering & Deli.